Full Round Bearings

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Full Round Bearings

Cam Bearing/Bushings

The seamless, 100% machined surface design provides the tightest tolerances in the industry. The centerless ground OD, centerless bored ID results in wall variations of .0004 in., giving the customer increased system design flexibility. Discrete manufacturing lines can supply both high and low volumes economically. We can be a valued strategic partner with our design, development and manufacturing capabilities.

Dura-Bond bimetal bearings are constructed of seamless steel tube with a thin layer of lead based babbitt material. Seamless construction makes installation easy, eliminating breakage and bearing surface interruptions.

Lead based babbitt provides ideal properties for nearly all engine applications. Babbitt’s superior embedability, conformability, and anti-seizure characteristics have proven to reduce engine failures that harder bearing materials can cause. Dura-Bond Bearing offers:

  • Oversize and undersize bearings for many applications: Oversize ODs for line bored blocks. Undersized IDs for cam salvage.
  • Semi-finished IDs for line boring requirements: Under IDs allow line boring after bearing installation.
  • OHC repair bearings: Provides a method to repair aluminum OHC heads. Repairs scored or seized cam/housings and restores cam alignment.
  • High Performance line for racing applications: Fatigue life of the bearing is nearly doubled with micro-babbit, chill cast, and burnished construction.
  • Coated High Performance bearings: Fluoropolymer coated high performance for maximum fatigue life and improved surface properties.
  • Special small run bearings/bushings: For prototype or block salvage.

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