High Performance Bearings

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High Performance Bearings

High Performance Cam Bearings

The high performance all-round cam bearings offer more than double the fatigue strength of conventional bearings, withstand racing spring loads, and maintain the excellent surface characteristics of Babbitt.

Specific Contributions of the Design and Processes:

  • Micro-BaDura-bond High Performancebbitt: A very thin layer of lining which reduces the microscopic deflections that occur to a bearing when loaded and thus increases fatigue life.
  • Grain-Controlled Babbit: By cooling the Babbitt quickly in the casting process, very fine grain structure is achieved. By leaving the structure as cast, tensile strength is almost doubled over the standard bearing. This hard and high strength condition provides the “toughness” needed for racing applications.
  • Burnishing: Cold working the surface of the Babbitt eliminates micro-fissures that can lead to fatigue failure. The surface also exhibits a higher hardness.
  • Precision Machining: High Performance manufacturing tolerances are closer to control installed oil clearances, which reduce operating bearing pressure.

Fluoropolymer Composite Coated Bearings

This dry lubricant actually penetrates the surface where it has been applied. The primary advantage is that bearings with FLUOROPOLYMER Composite Coating retain engine oil on the surface, even under extreme heat and pressure conditions.

Being a lubricant itself, the coating provides secondary (back-up) lubrication in the event that momentary oil starvation occurs. This characteristic is especially important during start-up because oil does not reach all critical components immediately.

Over 2,000 hours of lab testing and a season of late model NASCAR testing proved the High Performance Bearing was up to the test. It’s quality that stands the test of time. Just ask any high performance engine rebuilder. They’ll know.

Dura-Bond High Performance

2002 Melling - Dura-Bond Talledaga

Dura-Bond Bearing – Proud sponsor of the Melling #92 Dodge NASCAR